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Dee Cameron

Loved working with Jim at the ole Kansas City Club. What a fighter!!

Meg Boyle Langa

Happy Birthday Jim.


Thank you to all for another great year!

James M. Kincaid

I don’t know of to many family relations but there is a little irony. He looked like a very good man who knew what was important in life. I’m sorry for your loss. Jim M Kincaid- Indiana

Glenn Sears

Jim, a friend of his from Chicago and I were at Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. This is of course having gone to Sluggers, Cubby Bear, and Murphy’s Bleachers. This is the Saturday, 08-06-1988, before the first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs vs. Philadelphia Phillies. We are sitting in the Bleachers in the out field on the top of the section or row directly under the scoreboard and Jim was sitting at the end of the isle. A TV crew was walking up the isle interviewing fans, Jim and they made eye contact and proceeded to interview Jim on what he thought about the Cubs finally entering the 20th Century and finally having night games at Wrigley.
Jim did not even hesitate, as it appeared, Jim always knew what he was going to say…it was as though he was preempted for the question.
Jim stated, “This is an absolute tragedy to the game of Baseball. Commercialization has proliferated salaries of the players that has only and will continue to increase the cost of attendance. They should not have succumbed to these pressures. The game was meant to be played during the day, like today in the sun without the lights.”
Needless to say, some of his friends or acquaintances were able to see him on national television that day. Not only that, but a Philadelphian from Philly, came to cheer for his team and had brought in a small cooler full of Primo’s Hoagies…one of the best known Hoagie’s in Philly….He liked what Jim had to say that day and proceeded to share his hoagies with us that day. 

Kent Koon 

Angie and I want to extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in organizing such a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man, Jim Kincaid. We were honored to be a part of this celebration of Jim and we had a terrific time. A special thanks to our golfing team partners, Dan and Phil…thanks for “carrying” us around the entire course ( I’m pretty sure you guys were amazed at just how “bad” a golfer I am )…thanks for your kindness and patience. Also, I’m not sure what hole Elliot and Jeff were on…but, thanks for a Great laugh !!!…you two were definitely having a good time and you made certain everyone that came to your tee joined in the fun. Thanks to Amanda as well in the “cherry bomb” cart …our team needed those “mulligans” that’s for sure. And last but not least, thanks Kevin and Kristi and everyone involved for your time and efforts making sure we all had a great time. Angie and I couldn’t have asked for a better time.
Thanks so much, Kent and Angie Koon – K & T transport, Inc.

Lori Meens

I see that the tournament date has been set in September this year…..I think that is a great idea….September is a perfect month to remember Jim! 


Overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of love and donations in remembrance of Jim. Seeing this, I so missed out on really knowing an amazing individual.

Brad Alstatt

Jim was the rush chairman and the reason I pledged FIJI. Way too many memories, but the only thing I remember about ‘signing’ the pledge card was that he was wearing a boot on his head.

Kevin Martinez

A month out…105 golfers with 31 golfers to go…Yahoo…participants from CA, WA, CO, MN, IL, MD, NC, IN, NJ, NY!

Dean Dakin

Forward Air will attend this years golf outing as a Corporate sponsor. Looking forward to it.

Randy Freiert 

Looking forward to the 2012 event. Such a great occasion to have fun and remember a great friend of ours. Also love the link to the Marriott, made for easy reservations for us coming from St. Louis. Thanks guys and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Diamond Express

Jim was the whole package and most of all a complete gentlemen.

Glen Smith

I have too many great memories of Jim to pick one out as a favorite. I can tell you that it’s not a day that goes by that I hate that I can’t call him up to hear him stay” hey there Glen Smith.” He would always use my full name.


I’m planning on driving in from Indianapolis for this year’s tournament. Hopefully my son Tyler can make the road trip with me, if his college schedule permits. Looking forward to seeing everyone there in Kansas City this September.

Amanda Davenport

Really looking forward to this years tournament. Can’t wait to see everyone out there.

John S.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to another great tournament in 2012.


Looking forward to this year’s tounament!


Last year I won a TV… Best $10 I ever spent!

Tony DeSoto 

Please keep me posted on details of the event. I am looking forward to participating this year.  And great job updating the website – brought back fond memories of the times I spent with Jimmy. 

Kevin Martinez

We are finalizing the details for this years tournament. We are hoping the change of date and on propery Marriott hotel will entice Jim’s out of town or out of state friends to enjoy a great Friday afternoon of golf and an even better evening of libations, KC cuisine and entertainment. Please stay tuned for additional information to follow. I hope this finds all healthy and happy!


  1. Abbey (One of the Twins) says:

    I look forward to seeing everyone again this year and hearing more and even the same ole Jim storeies and memories. The same stories somehow bring out new additions and create a new interest to listen and learn how his influence truly was incredible and worth living on in his memory. The dock story is my favorite, seeing and believing true potential through noticed hard-working!

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